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Lifting equipment

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The lifting equipment starts horizontally or vertically with a horizontal working stroke after the reclaiming. After reaching the destination, the unloading is performed, and then the emptying is performed to the reclaiming point to complete a working cycle, and then a second lifting or carrying.

Lifting machinery can also be called lifting equipment. It is an important tool and equipment for realizing mechanization and automation of production processes in industrial, transportation and construction enterprises, reducing heavy physical labor and improving labor productivity. It has a large variety of products in China. Lifting equipment. Although the number of lifting equipment used in university laboratories is small and the lifting tonnage is not large, but because the frequency of lifting equipment is not high, it is more important for its maintenance and safe operation.

Lifting equipment is a handling machine that lifts, lowers, and moves the material in a batch operation. The lifting equipment usually has the property of repeating circulation. With the development of science and technology and production, lifting equipment is constantly improving and developing. Advanced electrical, optical and computer technologies are applied to lifting equipment. The trend is to increase automation, improve work efficiency and performance. To make the operation more streamlined, labor-saving and safer and more reliable.